Toco supports making corporate value into social value.


Directly, Strategically, And Creatively. Beyond Ads. Support Staff & Partners around the world.
toco makes : New Fields & New Markets for : All Creators. toco supports : CSR & Branding via Creative for : All Companies.


Toco supports corporate organisations via creative.
With bidirectional communication between
“customer” and “corporation”

1. tocoは、企業組織づくりをクリエイティブで支援します。

We carry out branding works and organization creation to allow optimal bidirectional communication “customer” and “corporation”

Through bi-directional communication activated by the internet as a lever, we carry out; creation of optimized organizations for “Customer” and “Company” connection, branding, and even content production.

  • ・Making in-house creative organization
  • ・Employment plans, Team creation, Education
  • ・Communication scheme design
  • ・Utilization flow planning
  • ・Content planning and creation
  • ・Enterprise websites
  • ・Employment booklets, Enterprise pamphlets
  • ・Still photography and movie production
  • ・Branding
  • ・CI/VI planning

2. Toco supports CSR activities via creative.

2. tocoは、CSR活動をクリエイティブで支援します。

Activity planning, creation of reports that are easy for customers to understand, and offers output that will raise corporate brand value.

  • ・Drafting CSR plans
  • ・Materials, reports
  • ・Websites, pamphlets
  • ・Still photography and movie production

3. Toco supports the advance of Asian companies through creative.

3. tocoは、海外進出をクリエイティブで支援します。

With China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand as a focus in Asian, we offer creative optimized to each location.

  • ・Website localisation
  • ・Sales materials creation
  • ・Location production team organization
  • ・Materials translation
  • ・Interpretation arrangements


toco Co., Ltd.

Capital 10 million yen
Representative director: Takeyoshi Fukuda
Established: 01.08.2014
〒150-0045 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shinsen-cho, 18-8-902
・small scale photo studio on premises

Takeyoshi Fukuda
Creative Director
Photo Artist
1973 born in Nikko, Japan. Graduated from “Musashino Art University” Department of Junior College, After worked in IT company. 2000 established the web production company “Sonicjam Inc.” Director vice president and chief creative director. Regular work is the planning, art directions and photo directions for the website and the advertisement. Moreover, taking the photo works in every country in the world. The permanent exhibition in the website and the gallery in the world.





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